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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. All applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, disability, gender, national origin, age, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law. This employment application is only active for 90 days. After this time period a separate employment application must be submitted in order to be considered for employment.

Farner-Bocken's employment needs are continually changing due to growth; therefore, Farner-Bocken is always accepting applications. Please fill out the application below completely or complete the application document and stop by our corporate office to deliver the application. (Jobs may require a preemployment physical and drug screen.)

Personal Information

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All applicants(except applicants from Minnesota or Illinois, or for positions in Minnesota or Illinois):
(Minnesota or Illinois applicants should NOT answer this question at this time.)
(Note: “Your application will not necessarily be rejected because of one or more felony convictions. Instead, the Company will consider the nature and severity of the offense(s); when the offense(s) occurred; the nature of the position for which you are applying; and other relevant factors known to the Company, which may include evidence of rehabilitation. Where required by law, your application will not be rejected because of a conviction unless the conviction is substantially related to the requirements of the job for which you have applied.”)

Minnesota or Illinois Applicants: You will be required to disclose convictions when you are interviewed or conditionally offered employment.

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Work History

(Please list your last four employers unless noted below. Begin with the most recent. Add another sheet if necessary.)

Please complete this section, even if you are submitting a resume.

Driver applicants please note: DOT requires that employment for the last 3 years and/or commercial driving experience for the past 10 years be shown.

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Please Read the Following Carefully

I authorize this company to make an investigation of all information contained in this employment application and I release from liability all companies and corporations supplying such information. I understand any false answers, statements, or implications made by me on this application or other required documents shall be considered sufficient cause for denial of employment or discharge. Upon termination of my employment for whatever reason, I release this company from all liability for supplying any information concerning my employment to any potential employer. I authorize this company, if applicable, to request a copy of my credit report, motor vehicle driving record, and any other investigative report deemed necessary through various third party sources. As required by law, upon request within a reasonable period of time, I will be notified as to the nature and scope of such investigations. I hereby agree to submit to any drug/alcohol test required of me, whether prior to my employment or if employed by this company at any time thereafter. I understand and expressly agree that if employed by the company, storage areas provided for me (locker, desk, etc.) are open to investigation or search by the company without prior notice to me. I further understand this is an application for employment and that no employment contract is being offered. I understand that if I am employed, such employment is for an indefinite period of time and the company may change wages, benefits, and conditions at any time. My employment is at will. No individual with the company is authorized to change the employment-at-will status except the president of the company, who may do so only in writing.

Criminal Convictions: If you have been convicted of a crime, please be advised that the Company will not hire you if it determines that your criminal conviction history disqualifies you for the position for which you have applied. “Criminal conviction history” means the crimes that you have been convicted of committing, the nature of the underlying criminal conduct, the dates of the convictions, the relationships of each of convictions to the job for which you have applied, and other relevant factors. “Convictions” includes guilty pleas, and pleas of “no contest” or “nolo contendre”.

I understand that if I am applying for a driving position, I may be required to complete a supplement to this application after its review.

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