Our Distribution Model

From our centrally located distribution center in Carroll, Iowa we deliver direct to within approximately a 100 mile radius of Carroll.  To the rest of our 14 state distribution area, we utilize a network of 28 crossdocks where we maintain a fleet of trucks and delivery staff.  "Linehaul" semis, containing up to three local routes, arrive early each morning where pallets are rolled off the semi and on to a local route truck.  The crossdock model allows us to efficiently provide next day delivery to nearly every market we service.

Points of interest:

  • 100% of our customers' orders are delivered by Farner-Bocken Company staff
  • Our fleet utilizes GPS enabled onboard computers with real time tracking
  • Each day we run approximately 150 routes and deliver 1200 orders
  • We travel over 12 million miles per year
  • Currently, 15 of our drivers have hit the "One Million Mile" mark incident free
  • Each one of our 325 trailers is multi-temperature controlled and monitored